All about me!   Rhonda Ingram Calhoun, creator and owner of CreamSoda BJD Well over the past 30 years or so I have probably touched on every craft known to […]

All about me!


Rhonda Ingram Calhoun, creator and owner of CreamSoda BJD

Well over the past 30 years or so I have probably touched on every craft known to man. Not a bad thing unless you live with me and can't get used to the fact that I usually start by taking up one room….then 2….3 until I pretty much can call the whole house my craft room :)


About 4 years ago I began sculpting static sculpts in polymer clay. I loved being able to bring something to life out of a simple lump of clay and it had me addicted even if only I could tell what the end product was.


It wasn't long before I stumbled across the world of ball jointed dolls (bjd's). These amazing dolls could pose, show attitude and yes I think a little soul too!


Hooked I was and began CreamSoda Fashions, one of a kind designs and outfits for my new found dollies. I quickly evolved into doing faceups on my own dolls and then for customers.

My work found new homes all over the world and I've met wonderful doll collectors in places I never even heard of ….who knew :)


Well what's the next stage in this story of evolution? You may wonder…..

The next logical step….hmmm logical isn't a word I usually use and not one I've ever heard anyone use to describe me.


My own BJD sculpts YAY!


I began about 3 years ago with a few really bad attempts at it. I taught myself along the way and put everything I had learned in the past with the long road of arts and crafts I had tried plus a ton more.


My work having expanded from bjd clothing into sculpting and making custom resin eyes found the need for a name change… and so CreamSoda BJD came into existance


After 2 years of sculpting on and off with breaks for sanity ….and life, my first doll "Cassie" came to life.

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Now my second girl "Lily" is on her way to being finished. Here's a glimpse of her still in paperclay

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The path has been a long one but the journey simply amazing and I can't imagine doing anything else now.


I thank my lucky stars everyday for a husband that supports my work in every way and for all the great people who have brought one of my dolls HOME

Dolly hugs and squishes,




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