Original and OOAK ball-jointed dolls (BJD's)

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Lacey MSD WIP (work in progress)

April 2/2014   Here we are back with a new sculpt. Having finished an SD (Cassie) and a Yo-sd doll (Lily), of course I needed to make an MSD (43cm) sized girl. I have been taking pictures along the way for you but haven't always remembered to bring my camera into the studio with me…I'll try to be better about… Read more →


Loads of Lily

Yipeee, the sample resin heads are back from AngelToast and just beautiful as I knew they would be. Andrea does amazing things with a blank canvas. AngelToast will be doing the preorder faceups as in the pictures I'll be adding many more galleries here for Lily over the next couple months so check back often Lily's preorder will be open from May,15 /2014… Read more →


Lily Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone! If you have been following Lily's progress you know her clay master went off to a new factory for molds the beginning of December 2013. Then there was Christmas and Chinese New year so she got off to a slow start there. Well after a very long wait and figuring I may not ever see her again….let me… Read more →


Cassie Artist OOAK Fullset #2-SOLD

( Cassie has been adopted) Thanks everyone! I was able to get a second and last OOAK Cassie artist fullset. Cassie is my own sculpt produced in a very limited number, the resin is the beautiful custom “Winter Blush” tone from which only 10 dolls were cast. This girl is Artist OOAK # 2, and # 10/30 of all Cassies which… Read more →


Dolly Update

Hi Everyone! I spent the week designing and sewing a few jeans and shirts for Cassie   I’ll probably do a some dresses for her over the next few days and then get the studio ready for Lily. I’m really looking forward to seeing her again….she’s been away at the factory for 4 months. I got word that the Lily… Read more →


Cassie Artist’s Fullset- SOLD

Here she is most likely the only Artist OOAK Cassie I will be doing unless I have time to do the last doll I have before I pack up my studio for a move. This Cassie is #9 of a limited run of 30. Her head cap and certificate will be marked, " 9/30-Artist's OOAK #1" Cassie will come with:… Read more →


A Trip Down Memory Lane With Cassie

Now that I have almost all of the Cassie’s are comfortable in their new homes, I wanted to do a photo journal/compilation of her journey from start to finish. Cassie is very dear to me not only because of her unusual pear shape and rotund bottom. But because I started her as a way to help me through the greiving… Read more →